From 1 April 2021 – weekly fostering fees and allowances per child placed:

Age band: National Allowance: Single Fee: Total:
0 – 4 £194 £125 £319
5 – 10 £177 £161 £338
11 – 15 £177 £181 £358
16+ £220 £181 £401

See Connected Persons Fees here >

Holiday Entitlement without Child/ren

You are entitled to have an agreed two-week ‘break’ during the financial year which runs from April through to March. During this time you will receive one payment of the foster carer fee equivalent to the eldest child in your care at the time of the break.  All other payments will cease during this time.

Carers who wish to take a ‘rest period’ over and above the two weeks will not receive a fee for the respective period. Arrangements should be discussed with your link worker prior to booking in order to organise/plan for the children to be either supported by family in the first instance or be supported with respite.

Holiday Entitlement with Children

In addition and to ensure children have the best experiences, we encourage you to make them part of your plans. Therefore if you take your foster child/ren with you on holidays you will receive your normal payment with an additional holiday fee for each child (this being the fee element). This allowance is a maximum of 2 weeks per year.

Payments will be made 2-4 weeks following the holiday request being accepted by the Fostering Team. Carers will be requested to provide the evidence of their holidays to support the claim at the time of their request.

For those carers who will be undertaking day trips such as legoland/theme parks then this will be discussed with your Fostering Link Worker and this will need to be evidenced.   (These do not include day to day activities which you are provided with as part of your maintenance allowances).

There will be discretionary payments for children who move from one carer to another and consideration will be given to the new carer receiving additional holiday allowance if they also take the child/ren on a booked holiday. This payment will not be paid automatically and carers will have to apply for this annually.

Birthday and Christmas Allowance

You will be entitled to a Birthday allowance and Christmas allowance.

£100.00 Birthday allowance in addition to your weekly allowance will be paid prior to the child/young people’s birth date automatically.

£200.00 Christmas Allowance will be paid at the end of November annually; in circumstances where a child may become looked after following this, the family placement worker will need to be submitting a request for payment.

NB: If there is a disruption in placement and you have received the above monies, the expectation will be that this payment will be re-couped or moved with the child in both instances.

Mileage Allowance

As a foster carer you are able to claim for additional mileage for any journeys that are over normal everyday travelling for the child and for journeys in relation to your role as a foster carer.

Mother and Baby Placements

In addition to the general placements there remain the specialist placements of Mother and Baby.  These payments will be paid at the rate of the child including the fee with an addition of a 16 + allowance for the parent.

Retainer Payments

If you do not have any placements but are however available you may receive a retainer fee at the highest rate of the previous child in placement.

Initial Clothing Allowance

If a child is being placed for the first time into foster care and does not have adequate clothing you can request an initial one off clothing allowance payment. This is to purchase the basic clothing that the child will need.

The initial clothing allowance is not paid in situations such as a child moving from a short term placement to a long term placement or if a child is moving due to breakdown in placement.

Age band: Clothing Allowance:
0 – 11 £130
11+ £200

All other clothing needs, including school uniforms, should be met from the allowances paid fortnightly.

Your family placement worker will randomly request evidence of monies spent on clothing for children in placement on a quarterly basis.

Day Care

Day care can be provided in circumstances where support networks are unavailable for training or in situations where support is required to maintain a placement. Day care cannot be paid in circumstances where your child in placement has planned school holidays/Inset days.

Incentive Payment (recruitment)

If you recommend family/friends to become a foster carer for Caerphilly you will be rewarded with a one-off payment of £250 once the approved carer accommodates their first placement.