Jane is a 12-year-old female whose early care experiences were inconsistent and unsafe for her. Jane’s emotional and developmental needs were not protected by her family and she encountered some frightening experiences from an adult who was meant to be looking after her.

Jane was removed from her family at 8 years old and has lived in two foster homes before she moved to live in her current residential home as there were no foster homes available for her. She has been living in this residential home for 16 months.

Fostering can be extremely rewarding and demanding at the same time. You get the opportunity to provide the young people with positive experiences and provide a level of stability. You can help provide the young people with positive influences and promote their wellbeing. You get to see the positive change in a young person’s character and their life choices. You get to be part of a creative and dynamic multi-agency team who will support you with training and supervision.

To apply or find out more contact Sam Thomas (Therapeutic Practice Manager) – Tel: 07791 638497 / 01443 811485 Email: thomas24@caerphilly.gov.uk