Prospective Connected Person (Undergoing an assessment)

A Connected Person is defined as an individual who is a relative, friend or other person connected with the child.  At the point the temporary placement is made the Local Authority will provide financial support at the current Child Tax Credit/Child Benefit rate.

Regulation 26 (following suitability checks) allows the local authority to place a child with a connected person prior to the connected person assessment being completed.

While your Connected Persons Assessment is ongoing you will receive the payments below until your Assessment progresses to panel or you have been granted a Special Guardianship Order at court.

Current Child Tax Credit Rate plus Child Benefit as at 01.04.2020 Total:
£54.27 plus 1st child & Family Element £10.45 – £21.15 £85.87
£54.27 plus 2nd & subsequent child – £14.00 £68.27

Approved Connected Persons

If you are approved, you will then be registered with Caerphilly as a Kinship (Relative) Carer and you will receive the National Minimum Allowance (NMA) which is agreed nationally by the Welsh Government. This payment is to be used towards the care and support of any child in placement. The NMA allowance varies with the age of the child.

Age band: National Allowance:
0 – 4 £194
5 – 10 £177
11 – 15 £177
16+ £220

Additional payments

You could be entitled to an Initial Clothing Allowance when the child is first placed if they have not previously received this with another carer.

If a child is being placed for the first time into foster care and does not have adequate clothing you can request an initial one off clothing allowance payment to purchase the basic clothing that the child will need.

Age band: Clothing Allowance:
0 – 11 £130
11+ £200

Birthday and Christmas Allowance

You will be entitled to a Birthday allowance and Christmas allowance.

£100.00 Birthday allowance in addition to your weekly allowance will be paid prior to the child/young people’s birth date automatically.

£200.00 Christmas Allowance will be paid at the end of November annually; in circumstances where a child may become looked after following this, the family placement worker will need to be submitting a request for payment.

NB: If there is a disruption in placement and you have received the above monies, the expectation will be that this payment will be re-couped or moved with the child in both instances.