Hannah and Sarah

Hannah and Sarah are sisters who have been fostered since 2006. They are in long term foster care together but due to their challenging behaviour require weekend respite every month. They can use foul language, can be destructive to household items, for example slamming doors and can become verbally abusive. Their long-term placement has become quite fragile and it is hoped that ongoing respite can help sustain the placement. In the past respite has been very successful and has given the children and the foster carers a “chance to recharge their batteries”.


Dwayne is 14 years old and has been Looked After since June 2009 and is in a long-term placement. Dwayne has learning difficulties and functions at the level of an 8 year old. Dwayne is a likeable and affectionate young person but has found it very difficult to be separated from his family. Dwayne can have difficulty making friends his own age because he functions at a younger level. Dwayne also struggles to express his emotions and can resort to aggression and fighting in order to resolve disputes with his peers, and recently has got into a few fights. Dwayne’s foster carers can find his limitations frustrating and it is felt that ongoing respite would help give the foster carers a break so that they could continue to care for Dwayne.


Joanna is 14 years old and has been fostered since the age of 6. Joanna has emotional difficulties and has also been diagnosed with Bulimia. Joanna can be strong willed, has difficulty in sustaining relationships and also absconds from school. It is hoped that with ongoing respite Joanna will be able to remain in her placement.

Fostering older children

Emma and her husband Jack fostered children under 5 and had done so since 2004. However, last year they were approached to foster a teenage girl Leanne, which initially scared Emma and Jack but they understood that there would be lots of support available for them should things become difficult. Emma and Jack have found this placement to be in many ways far easier than caring for a younger child. Teenagers are less dependent in some ways and there can be an element of “negotiation and rationalising with them”. They have also enjoyed watching Leanne develop her independence skills and building up a new circle of friends.

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